Monday, January 28, 2013

A Letter for Kiddos

Dear Kiddos,
Thanks for always calling me when I'm busy with my laptop at home. Some times all I need is just a little "me time," but then I realize "our little time" is more precious than that little "me time."

Thanks for always choosing me to be your friend at night. I wish I had more time between 7 am - 8 pm with you.

Thanks for your kindness to help me in our kitchen. Well, someday you'll find out what you really really do and will surely laugh at your self :)

Thanks for "reminding" me not to be so worry with tomorrow. Thanks for inspiring me a lot. Thanks for "teaching" me on how to be brave. Thanks for keeping me smile through my hardest times. Thanks for being my spirit when I'm down. Thanks for everything, Kiddos.


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auliadriani said...

Thanks for everything, too... Ibu