Thursday, May 19, 2011

Uhibbuka Fillah; A Letter for A Friend

Dear Friend,

Finally you came to me with your confession. Honestly, I wasn't so surprise because somebody told me about it last year. You know what, at that time I felt so angry to you. How could you do that? I just couldn't understand what really happen to you 'cause you never told me before.

Once you left me behind and we became strangers just like the first time we met. You, with your world. Me, with my own. I thought I was loosing you, My Friend. And yes, I missed you couple months ago. Missed the things we do, missed it all. But you weren't there. Neither when I needed somebody to talk to, to listen to my story about my fantasies. It's's fine. But please keep it in your mind, you're always in my mind.

You talked about your black spot in your days, how you fool me and many other people in your life. Then you said that you scared of loosing me due to your confession. No, My Friend, you won't. Best friends will not leave you for the bad things you have done. Rather than blame you, they will show you the right things, the right way to go home. That's what friends are for, right?

Don't worry, I'm still here by your side. Ready to give my ears to your stories, to give my colours to brighten up your days. You still have me, you still have them; your beloved friends.

You and me, we used to be best friends. And still we are. You mean a lot in my days. Such a beautiful rainbow after the storm, such flowers in a garden. You colour up my black and white canvas of life.

Once you strengthen my feet, so I could stand again on my own. Once you gave me your hands, then I felt your kindness. Once you had your shoulder for me to cry on, then I knew you were care. Billion of thanks to you, My Friend.

Dear Friend,

It's okay to make a mistake. People make mistake and should learn from it. Do you? You have realized your fault, it's good. Now all you have to do is ask Him for forgiveness, as soon as possible. It's hard for you of course, but you can do it. You can do it!

Now, promise me, you'll be back soon to the who you used to be. Promise?

Last but not least, for the mistakes we've made, may Allah forgive us. May he bless our days, fulfilled with iman and hidayah. Amiin. Amiin ya rabbal 'alamiin.

Dear Friend,

Uhibbuka fillaah. Take care you there ;)

Warm Regards,


*dedicated to him, a friend of mine. may you find your way back soon...

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