Monday, December 31, 2012

Just Another Note; Year End Note

....and this, this my year end note.

That we need to buzz up our selves more in 2013, after all of the battles we face in this year. We have failed as well as we have succeed and we're going to make it much more better, aren't we? We have to win some more battles next year. So, let's do our best for life!

Yes, off course it's not always about reaching the goals, but also the lessons we learned through the journey. It has to be a meaningful and valueable story for us to share. Learn as much as possible, do as much as you can, share as much as you have!

That life is not always as simple as children see. When they see it as a playground, we have to see it as a masterpiece. Thanks God for whatever we have.

Feel happy when people ask for your help. They come to you 'cause they trust you. We'll never know what the future brings.

Take time to play with your kids, read them a nice story, kiss them, and listen to them. We'll find a day when we realize we've lost their childhood then we'll surely miss it. Remember, we can't go back to the past.

Lead by example, it's better for you, leaders, to do. Never ask people to do what we want, show them what we do, then they will follow. You are a good leader when you give a good example.

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