Thursday, November 7, 2013

For Those Who Stay in Alas Roban

Hey you!
Yes, you! All of you!
Who are you?
What the hell are you doing here?

I see you all
Standing in the middle of that forest 
In the middle of the night
Without any sounds

Oh sh*t
Now you are walking into the road
Where I am focusing on my steer
What do you want?
Wanna play with me?
Okay! Let's play!

But wait,
I hear something
Is it you?

Oh no,
It's my wife's voice
Saying hello on his cell

Oh my God, it's not her!
I know it's not her 'cause she's sleeping
Is it you? Come on!
Go out and catch me!
I'm not afraid

Your black silhouette
Your scary look
Your mysterious sound
I'm not afraid

Oh gosh! She...
She who always wear her white dress
With her long hair
With her spooky face
Is now flying around my car

I know you, I've seen you before
But I never ask your name
"What's your name, girl?"

You guys...
Let's play now! 
Here, in South Route
Let's have some fun!
Here in Alas Roban

*A Note from Alas Roban, November 2013


Unknown said...

membayangkan ini aku baca benar benar ditengah alas roban..., sesuatu yang mungkin akan memberikan kesan mendalam pada bulu roma untuk berdiri ... :)

Fitri3boys said...

pengalaman pribadikah jeng??

Meutia Halida Khairani said...

lirik lagu yah?

Unknown said...

ini lirik lagu ya mbak

izin follow sama minta follbacknya

Sarah said...

lah lah... ini postingan bikin aku browsing tentang Alas Roban jadinya. serem euy....